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I have a mental health association that specializes in mental health for people who have common diseases such as depression, for people who are addicted to drugs, anxiety, and for those who are thinking of committing suicide 

so on the World Mental Health Day, we will participate so I want IDEAS ideas that we can apply to educate people at the same time it be definition of the association for people since its new association.

will give examples of the ideas that we can use to educate people 


2- These are two sides, we can benefit from their experience in the field of mental health  

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Introduction: As a medical professor in charge of creating college assignments and answers for medical college students, I would suggest the following ideas to educate people about mental health on World Mental Health Day.

1. Documentary: Creating a documentary on mental health and its impact on people’s lives can be a powerful tool to educate them. The documentary can include interviews with mental health professionals, people who have suffered from mental illnesses, and their families. It can provide insights into the challenges people face when dealing with mental illnesses and how they can seek help.

2. Guest speakers: Inviting experts and people who have experience in the field of mental health can be another effective way to educate people. They can share their personal stories and provide advice on how to address mental health issues. The speakers can include mental health professionals, people who have recovered from mental illnesses, and their families.

Overall, both of these ideas are effective in educating people about mental health. They can help to break down the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and encourage people to seek help when needed. As a medical professor, I believe that raising awareness about mental health is crucial to improving people’s lives.

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