instructions: proper grammar and APA 7th ed format are

instructions: proper grammar and  APA 7th ed  format are expected.part 1: 

Please find a legal nursing issue of interest, and write an essay with 5 paragraphs on what should have been done to prevent the particular problem from occurring.   

Part 2:

Please look at the following videos of Helen Haskell telling about A Lewis Blackmon Story and answer the following questions: You should answer questions in detail. 

  • Since Lewis was a minor, his parents held decision making authority. How was the principle of respect for autonomy violated in this case?
  • Identify problematic issues of beneficence and nonmaleficence in the case of Lewis Blackman. How might the nurses have better demonstrated these principles as they cared for Lewis?
  • Aside from lack of knowledge, why do you imagine the nurses failed to act on Lewis’s behalf?
  • How might a nurse have effectively advocated for Lewis and his mother?
  • Justice is the ethical principle that relates to fair, equitable, and appropriate treatment in light of what is due or owed to persons. How does the nurse’s refusal to contact an attending physician constitute a distributive justice issue?
  • What is your reaction to Helen Haskell’s view that nurses need policy-level help to be empowered with respect to communications with physicians?
  • How does the culture in hospitals in which you’ve worked compare to the culture described in Helen Haskell’s story?
  • Which of the errors you described were “system” errors? Which were errors that individuals committed? What distinguishes these categories in your view?
  • What are your ideas about patient empowerment and nurse empowerment in terms of the overall safety of our health care systems? When are the interests of patients and nurses in alignment? When are they not?
  • What is the biggest legal concern that you see with what happened?

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