You have no doubt seen the ways in which the


You have no doubt seen the ways in which the Supreme Court made decisions that brought about significant change for the entire country. It is also true that the Supreme Court makes decisions that affect public administration and public policy. 

For this assignment, you will focus on how case law both guides and affects public policy.

Begin by researching a Supreme Court case of interest to you and pertaining to an oral argument. The Oral Argument 2.0: October 2019 Term website offers a list of recent cases you might want to consider. 

Then, using your chosen case, write a case brief. Consult the Briefing Cases website for further explanation of a what a case brief is and what the steps are to writing one. You should also review How to Write a Case Brief [PDF] and take a look at the following example case briefs: 

Your case brief should be 2 pages and include the following: 

Provide a caption identifying your case and brief. 

Identify the facts of the case. 

State the procedural history of the case. 

Identify the issue in question. 

State the holdings in your own words. 

Describe the court’s rationale for each holding. 

Explain the final disposition. 

Include other opinions.

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