What is machine learning?

ML is can make a computer learn from the data without being explicitly programmed [1] …. There are three types of Machine learning: Define: 1. Supervised Learning : it is …. Add: Examples 2. Unsupervised Learning: ….Add: Example 3. Reinforcement :…….. Add Example  Supervised Learning: 1. Decision Trees:…. explain List advantages List Disadvantages 2. Naive Bayes: …..explain List advantages List Disadvantages 3. Support Vector Machines:…. explains List advantages List Disadvantages What is Ensemble learning ? Why ensemble learning? Advantage of using ensemble learning and application of using ensemble learning? Types of Ensemble learning or methods? Bagging and Adaboost 1. Bagging method • Random forest in chapter 7 in the book [1] explain what is RF and what is the advantage and disadvantage • Extra tree explain … what is the advantage and disadvantage 2. Boosting: explain just • AdaBoost explain and what advantage and disadvantage ……

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