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  • Mr. Gibbs is 89 years old and his wife of 67 years is 86 years old. They have 4 children. Their oldest son has been in prison for the last 25 years and both parents still struggle to cope. They have twin daughters who live in different states, and their youngest son lives at home with them. He was recently divorced and has partial custody of a 17-year-old who brings great joy to Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs. Mr. Gibbs is a retired judge, and his wife is a retired schoolteacher. Together they have an annual pension of more than $200,000. Their legal paperwork is in a tight Trust and their designated Power of Attorney for health is their cousin, who is also their neighbor. Their Power of Attorney for Estate is one of the twin girls who calls and visits frequently.


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Introduction: This scenario involves an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs, who are facing various challenges in their lives. As a medical professor, it is important to understand their situation and provide appropriate recommendations for their healthcare needs.

Answer: Based on the information provided, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs have a comfortable retirement with an annual pension of more than $200,000. However, they are facing emotional stress due to the imprisonment of their oldest son and the distance from their twin daughters. As medical professionals, we should consider their mental health and provide counseling or therapy resources to help them cope.

Additionally, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs have designated a Power of Attorney for health and estate, which is a positive step in planning for their future healthcare needs. We should encourage them to have regular conversations with their designated representatives to ensure their wishes are heard and documented.

Since their youngest son lives with them, we should also consider providing education and resources for caregiving to ensure their needs are met. Additionally, the 17-year-old grandchild who brings joy to Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs may provide emotional support, but it’s important to acknowledge that they should not be relied upon for caregiving duties.

Finally, the community in Los Angeles, CA should be considered in providing resources and support for Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs. Local organizations may provide social events or support groups for the elderly, which could help them feel connected and supported.

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