This is a required assignment, worth 20 points, and must

This is a required assignment, worth 20 points, and must be submitted by the due date.
Review the Grading Rubric before completing this assignment.Research a scholarly paper on “Data Driven Input” and reflect on one of the following topics:

  • “Analytics Centric”: How can input be designed to support an Analytics Centric organization?
  • “Competency Centers”: The benefits of Analytics Competency Centers in data-driven organizational change.
  • “Roles”: The role of Systems Analysts, Business Analysts and Super Users in data-driven decisions.

You must copy and paste the topic (“Analytics Centric” or “Competency Centers” or “Roles”) at the start of your paper to provide a context for your answer.
This paper must be between at least one full page in length explaining what caught your eye and reflecting on what you read. 
Do not add extraneous text that does not address the question – do not add an introduction or conclusion.
Do not copy and paste text from the referenced resource.You must provide at least one APA reference for your resource and corresponding in-text citations..
You must provide the referenced resource URL/DOI in the APA reference.
Do not use the Textbook as a referenced resource.

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