This assignment forms the second submission of your 2-Part Reading

This assignment forms the second submission of your 2-Part Reading Response. The purpose of this assignment is for you to examine, in a critical way, specific concepts of ECE presented throughout the course. Reading responses offer the opportunity to read, synthesize, analyze, critique and discuss assigned weekly readings within the context of a question provided by the instructor. 

Reading Response

The reading response is your response to an assigned question (provided by the instructor) related to the weekly readings. Read, synthesize, analyze, and critique the concepts presented within the assigned readings (e.g., chapters, journals, and links) and respond within the context of the question provided by the instructor. Your response must include direct connections and references to the readings/course material.

Please combine your thoughts into one concise response in Microsoft Word, approximately 1-2 pages in length (maximum). Please ensure that your assignment formatting is aligned with APA 7 stylistic requirements. Please save your files as follows: first and last name and the assignment name when naming your file (e.g., Nancy van Groll_Reading Response #1). Upload the file in the Assignment dropbox below. 


Focal Module: Module 9

Recognizing that children do not exist in isolation and are part of a larger social ecology, it is meaningful to be aware and direct energy toward ensuring that the early learning setting recognizes, honours, includes and encourages links and relationships between the multiple worlds of children.

From the readings of Module 9 on children and the learning environment (see Module 9: Readings and Resources page), choose a specific topic that is meaningful to you and discuss: why it resonates with you, and how you might carry the ideas forward into your own future. Please include specific examples.

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