The Spanish-American War.

Description You should be writing in your own words. The goal of these assignments is to encourage critical thought and analysis. Each answer will be a minimum of two pages and answers that do not fulfill the basic requirements will not be graded (meaning that you earn a 0). Answers should be double spaced with one inch margins. Do not rewrite the question and only put your name on the top of the first page. Include a bibliography and be sure to include intext citation whenever you borrow an idea from a source. Writing Assignment #2 is due by March 3rd. The drop box and Turn It In are located in Week #6. How did America evolve from its isolationist tendencies to ones of creating an “American Empire”? How did America become involved in a war with Spain and what did the United States gain from this “splendid little war” – The Spanish-American War?

#SpanishAmerican #War

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