The company is Ultraspeciliti its a telemedicine company based in

 PROMOTION CHANNELS: Who are the likely users of the service / early adopters and what are the cheap or free promotion channels that allow reaching the customers, such as mailing lists, social media groups, online forums, online advertisement, professional associations and meetings, industry periodicals, or similar channels that are not as expensive as TV, but allow getting directly to the decision makers? (if you collected survey data in targeted market (RUSSIA — we have not), use them to support your assumption). ***Try to not only identify the general channels, but actually find out the specifics. For example, do not simply recommend professional email distribution lists, targeted social media campaigns, or professional associations as a way to reach decision makers. Find out the actual email distribution lists and research how one can send out a promotional message to its recipients; suggest which social media allow for sending information directly to the decision makers and how exactly this should be done; or which professional associations or conferences the decision makers belong or go to*** ***If applicable, provide a clear step-by-step guide for how to place an advertisement or distribute a message through the channel, how much it will cost, how frequently it should be done, etc. For example, do not simply say “Advertise via Facebook” or “Promote via medical forums”. Provide the exact steps, cost, contracts and other tips for maximum effectiveness***

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