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The goal of the Health Sector Transformation Program is to reorganize Saudi Arabia’s health sector so that it is a complete, effective, and integrated health system based on the health of the individual and society (including the citizen, the resident and the visitor). The Program is based on the idea of value-based care, which promotes public health and helps stop diseases. It also uses the new model of care for disease prevention. The Program also wants to improve access to health services by making sure they are covered well and are spread out evenly across the country. It also wants to improve the quality of health services and provide more e-health services and digital solutions. It will focus on making sure that the people it helps are happy by putting into place and following the best evidence-based international standards, setting up and allowing integrated health care systems that cover all parts of the Kingdom by making sure that services are bought in a good way, and raising people’s awareness of traffic and safety. During the transformation process, the Health Sector Transformation Program also works to harmonize and coordinate between all health sector organizations, VRPs, and relevant government organizations. It also works to align and link with strategic national goal. (Almutairi & Moussa, 2014)

        In past view years we have achieved a lot of quality improvements as a results of health sector transformation program and as an example of that we could discuss facilitating access to healthcare and improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services. (Almutairi & Moussa, 2014)

       Regarding facilitating access to healthcare, we could notice that kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made great strides in this field. More than 31 million citizens and residents, as well as several million visitors during Hajj and Umrah, get health care services from the country’s health facilities. These facilities include medical cities, specialty hospitals, university and military hospitals, and primary care centers. On its website, the Ministry of Health has an interactive map that shows where all the government medical facilities are and gives other information about each one. The Ministry of Health wants to start health clusters in all parts of the Kingdom to make it easier for beneficiaries to get health care and switch between different types of care. These clusters would make it possible for medical skills to move around and give the recipient access to a network of health care providers who work together and report to one administrative structure. (Rahman & Qattan, 2021)

         Regarding improving quality and efficiency of healthcare services. The health sector has already done a lot, like improve the quality and efficiency of health services and make them easier to get to by putting an emphasis on digital transformation. It also released a package of apps, like Sehhaty and Mawid, and expanded its service to more parts of Saudi Arabia. Technology is a major driver as Saudi moves into this new era of technology-driven solutions making healthcare more accessible to all. In 2020, more than 67 million appointments were made through the Mawid app, and 8.6 million medical consultations were done through the Sehatty app and the 937-call center. Saudi Arabia also ranked first in the Arab world in the 2021 World Happiness Report, produced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and 21st globally. The annual report, which scores countries globally on the health and happiness of their populations, is seen as a barometer for prosperity and a key indicator of a nation. (Rahman & Qattan, 2021)

        Most quality measurement initiatives are concerned with the development and assessment of quality indicators. quality indicators are defined as quantitative measures that provide information about the effectiveness, safety and/or people-centeredness of care. Of course, numerous other definitions of quality indicators are possible. (“QUALITY IN HEALTHCARE”, 2021)

         As a part of facilitating access to healthcare and improving healthcare services the organization that I work has made visits to the areas that are far from it to  assess the needs and work to deliver all possible types of health services to that area. We have purchased a mobile vehicle that goes to rural areas to deliver the required health services to the needy. Virtual clinics have also been activated to reach each home, where the medical staff provides the necessary consultations and provides appropriate services, all of which is in the interest of the patient in the end and raises the atmosphere of health care. There were some obstacles that we faced in the journey of development and upgrading of health services, including technical obstacles, especially when trying to deliver medical services to rural areas, as well as the lack of awareness among some of the meaning of the quality of health services, but these obstacles found their way to be solved through repeated experiments and attempts.

Reference: –

Almutairi, K. M., & Moussa, M. (2014). Systematic review of quality of care in Saudi Arabia. A forecast of a high-quality health care. Saudi Medical Journal, 35(8), 802–809.

QUALITY IN HEALTHCARE. (2021). ?? 2021 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report [Internet]. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US).

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Key objective 2 in the Health Sector Transformation Program within Saudi Vision 2030 is improving the quality and efficiency of health services.  

Discuss two healthcare quality improvements that have been achieved under the Health Sector Transformation program.  Be sure to reference how these improvements were measured.

Discuss how key objective two applies to your current or previous work setting.  Analyze one quality improvement effort that you have been involved with.  Include what was successful and what was challenging.    

Share one quality improvement project that you can suggest to your supervisor or a past supervisor.  Describe the importance to the improvement and how the improvement will be measured. 

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The Health Sector Transformation Program is a significant initiative under Saudi Vision 2030 aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of health services. This program’s key objective two emphasizes the importance of achieving healthcare quality improvements, which can be measured and analyzed to assess progress.

Question 1:
Two healthcare quality improvements under the Health Sector Transformation program are improving access to healthcare and using technology to enhance healthcare services. To measure these improvements, the Ministry of Health has implemented various strategies such as the interactive map that shows where all the government medical facilities are, making healthcare more accessible across the country. Additionally, the Ministry has developed mobile vehicles that provide medical services to rural areas and virtual clinics that provide consultations and services to patients from the comfort of their homes. The use of technology in healthcare services has also been enhanced through the online Sehatty and Mawid apps, allowing for easy scheduling of medical appointments and consultations.

Question 2:
In my previous work setting, achieving quality improvement involved making visits to rural areas to assess healthcare needs and deliver necessary services to the community. This approach was successful in providing healthcare services to underserved areas and improving access to healthcare. However, the challenging part was maintaining a consistent level of quality services due to technical limitations and lack of awareness among some individuals about the importance of quality healthcare services.

Question 3:
A quality improvement project that can be suggested to a supervisor is the development of a patient feedback mechanism that can measure and improve patient satisfaction. This project is crucial as it enables healthcare providers to evaluate and improve their services. To implement this project, a feedback mechanism can be developed that can be accessed by patients after receiving healthcare services. Feedback can be collected using surveys and other methods, and the data analyzed to improve healthcare quality according to patients’ needs and preferences.

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