Read the Case study “SingTel: Philanthropic or Strategic Corporate Social


Read the Case study “SingTel: Philanthropic or Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility?” attached

Write a report (see report outline)


2 pages for number 2

 2. Briefly state the critical few reasons that will be supported with data (e.g the decision should be taken because a,b,c

(Current) Firm/Company/Corporate Profile Concise description which includes
a. Firm’s mission & vision and values statement;
b. SWOT Analysis: a summarized view of the current position, the internal specifically strengths and weaknesses; the external opportunities, and threats.
c. Competitive advantage: The firm’s competitive advantage, which includes what the firm is best at compared to the competition (use Porter’s 5 competitive Forces Analysis)

2 pages for both (number 3 and number 4)

 3. Analyzing a Decision Scenario Case. This part should include only include elements from the case (external research may only be used as complementary information when analysing each of the alternatives.)
4. Recommended a Decision and summary of major reasons for recommended decision –  Based on your analysis, recommend a decision option and then state the major reasons that
support your recommendation. 


· Include in-text citations and a reference page, following the APA 7th edition citation guide.
· References should include a minimum of 8 reputable sources (i.e. CSR reports, articles, journals,
a chapter of the Textbook, etc. )

May include mathematical formulas and computations if there is any used ratios. May also include any
figures, charts, graphs or tables that are built to support the text


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