Political(political/economic/social) risk associated with doing

Political Risk project:

The project should address the business risks (political/economic/social) associated with doing business in a particular country. The individual/project team should choose an industry, a country (G-10 excluded), and a method(s) of analyzing risk. The individual/project team should identify both “micro” (company/product factors) and “macro” (country factors) threats to the company/product and suggest methods to lessen these risks. Please structure the report as a 4 page (max) extended memo to your boss. 1.0-spaced (charts/tables/references not included), 1-inch margins (top, bottom, and sides); 12-point Times Roman font.

POLITICAL RISK Internal Identify the pertinent issues/risks and make suggestions for managing the risk External Identify the pertinent issues/risks and make suggestions for managing the risk Repeat this format for ECONOMIC RISKS and SOCIAL RISKS. You have the option of including LEGAL RISKS as part of the POLITICAL RISK, as a separate section, or not at all. Based upon your industry, you may find it necessary to include a section addressing TECHNICAL RISKS. A table of helpful information will be provided to structure the paper.

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