Please see the video below. Also, think about your reading

Please see the video below. Also, think about your reading on Chapter 8: Supporting Your Ideas. As you watch the video, please pay attention to how the speaker, Brene Brown, supports her messages with facts while still connecting and captivating her audience. What did you think of her speech? What did you think of the chapter reading?

What are the best or most effective speeches that you have heard or seen? How did these speakers support their ideas?

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1. As far as her speech and our reading goes, the idea that every individual wants to feel connected, or at least not left out, is something to consider. When disconnected from the general populous, people feel a sense of shame in their being. We have to believe in our worthiness of connection. We have to find compassion in being kind and courage in being imperfect. To form a connection we have to let go of what we envision ourselves as being and just take solace in being ourselves. Vulnerabilities are a necessary evil and everyone is bound to have at least one skeleton in their closet when it comes to those, so there is no need to stress ourselves out with how other people think of us or how we want them to think of us as. We cannot fall into an endless cycle of numbing the pain, the thoughts of others, inducing vulnerabilities which then leads us back to numbing once more. We must break that dangerous cycle. Something as simple as storytelling or cracking light hearted jokes can help ease, the tension, then, with a little courage, being ourselves will allow us to fully thaw the ice in which we are encased in when giving a speech.

Most effective speeches that I have heard all had a powerful statement or picture drawn. For example, “I Have A Dream” or even a showcased picture of starvation in different parts of the world. If it appeals to our emotions and makes us in some way feel a sense of empathy, or connection to the central idea, then it will be a more effective, remembered speech. Likewise, stating well researched statistics of some sort help pave the way to enlightening the mind of the audience and capturing their wholehearted attention.

2.  ” The power of vulnerability” by Brene Brown TED talk”

I consider that the speech given by Brene Brown has been wonderful, from the beginning she managed to connect with everyone thanks to her charisma and passion. She talks about her career and her research highlighting the importance of connecting with people and makes it clear that for her it comes first. She explains that during her research she discovered that there are two types; people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and those who really fight for it. Lastly, precisely stand out for three fundamental characteristics which are courage, compassion and connection. The most important things that highlights these people is the strong sense of vulnerability, they feel worthy of love but on the other hand they feel a great fear of not being loved. She lets us know that we imperfect but that is the most beautiful thing, that is what makes each one of us different and special, we should not pretend to be something that we are not, we cannot control our thoughts but we can believe that we are enough, we can shout less and listen more because we live in a vulnerable world.

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