Miami Dade College Where and How Did Psychology Originate Discussion

Additionally, Select ONE of the questions below to discuss.

  1. Aristotle was one of the first individuals to study and write about psychological topics. Which of his topics do you think is most important? What do you think he left out?
  2. Early psychologists were, for the most part, White men. How might this have influenced early conceptualizations of psychology and the development of early theories?
  3. Do you or did you ever have an object you believed was lucky? If so, what is the object and can you explain, from a behavioral perspective, how you came to believe in its ability to help you? If you don’t believe in lucky objects, can you use the behavioral perspective to explain why not?
  4. Can we ever really know what is happening in someone else’s mind? Can we even know what is going on in our own minds? Should we try to make behavior and — and our brain — transparent?

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As a medical professor, it is important to provide students with a diverse range of assignments and examinations that challenge their critical thinking and encourage deeper understanding of psychological topics. By conducting lectures and evaluating student performance, feedback can be given to help students learn and grow as professionals in the field of medicine.

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Creating assignments and evaluations for medical college students is essential to promote learning and understanding. The assessments should be designed to encourage critical thinking and build confidence in their capabilities. Feedback plays an essential role in helping students understand their strengths and weaknesses and work towards improving their skill set. It is crucial that assignments are clear, concise and provide ample opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter.

Discussion of Question 1:
Aristotle is most known for his works in philosophy and psychology. The most important topic that Aristotle studied and wrote about psychology was the concept of the soul. He believed that the human soul was a principle of life and that it was composed of two parts, the rational and the irrational. I believe that this topic is essential as it is a fundamental part of human psychology, as it outlines the importance of understanding the irrational aspects of human behavior. However, Aristotle neglected to discuss the importance of social situations on human behavior.

Discussion of Question 2:
The fact that psychology was founded by predominantly white men has influenced the early conceptualizations of psychology and the development of early theories. These perspectives were based on the notion that white male experiences were equivalent to all human experiences, which neglected the experiences of women, people of color, and individuals from diverse cultures. This approach limited research topics and the understanding of psychological principles applicable to a broader range of people, leading to systemic biases.

Discussion of Question 3:
The concept of a lucky object is a common belief that people may adopt for many reasons, such as personal experience or cultural influence. From a behavioral perspective, this means that individuals have created an association between a particular object and a particular outcome. For example, if an individual performs well in a specific situation while carrying a particular object, they may develop a belief that the object brings luck.

Discussion of Question 4:
Understanding someone else’s thought process and emotions is notoriously difficult. While we cannot do this with certainty, we can gain insights through communication, observation, and experience. Trying to make behavior transparent is useful as it allows individuals to better understand themselves and others, promoting empathy and communication, which ultimately aids in providing better healthcare services.

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