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1.   INTRODUCTION – contains a few statements about ethical principles in general, identification of two ethical principles to be used in this paper and sections of the paper – No heading used

2.   Section 1 – provides a definition and explanation of two ethical principles to be used in this paper

3.   Section 2 – presents information on how the selected ethical principles

4.   Section 3 – identifies how the nurse leader would incorporate each of the selected ethical principles into their leadership activities within healthcare

5.   Summary of paper identifies key points about applying ethical principles with leadership through writing the paper

TWO ETHICAL PRINCIPLES TO USE: Moral Courage and Ethical Values 

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In this paper, we will discuss two ethical principles that are relevant to healthcare and leadership activities within healthcare. These principles are Moral Courage and Ethical Values. We will explore the definitions and explanations of these principles, as well as how they can be incorporated into nursing leadership. Finally, we will provide a summary of the key points discussed in the paper regarding the application of ethical principles in leadership.

Section 1: Definition and Explanation of Ethical Principles

Moral Courage is a principle that refers to the ability to recognize and take action in morally challenging situations, even when it is difficult or unpopular. It involves standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity or potential negative consequences.

Ethical Values, on the other hand, are guiding beliefs or principles that influence one’s behavior and decision-making. These values encompass concepts such as honesty, integrity, respect for autonomy, and beneficence. Ethical values serve as a foundation for ethical decision-making and actions.

Section 2: Application of Ethical Principles

The selected ethical principles, Moral Courage and Ethical Values, can be applied in various ways within healthcare leadership. Firstly, a nurse leader with moral courage would not hesitate to advocate for the safety and well-being of patients and staff, even if it means challenging established norms or protocols. They would prioritize patient welfare over organizational interests and address issues of moral distress within the healthcare environment.

Secondly, incorporating ethical values into leadership activities means demonstrating integrity and honesty in one’s actions and decision-making processes. A nurse leader with ethical values would foster a culture of ethical behavior, promoting transparency and open communication. They would also ensure fair and equitable distribution of resources, while prioritizing patient-centered care and respecting patient autonomy.

Section 3: Incorporating Ethical Principles into Nurse Leadership

To incorporate moral courage into their leadership activities, nurse leaders can create an environment that encourages open dialogue and feedback. They can establish channels for reporting ethical concerns and ensure protection against retaliation for those who speak up. Nurse leaders can also provide ongoing education and training on ethical decision-making to support their staff in navigating complex ethical dilemmas.

Incorporating ethical values into nurse leadership involves promoting a culture of integrity and ethical behavior. Leaders can develop policies and procedures that align with ethical values, ensuring that ethical considerations are integrated into all aspects of healthcare delivery. They can also serve as role models, making decisions based on ethical values and holding others accountable for ethical conduct.


In summary, the ethical principles of Moral Courage and Ethical Values play a crucial role in nursing leadership. By fostering an environment that encourages moral courage and upholds ethical values, nurse leaders can effectively address ethical dilemmas and promote patient-centered care. Incorporating these principles into leadership activities helps ensure ethical decision-making and creates a culture of integrity within healthcare organizations.

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