Job Description Revision

Your Human Resource Department is in the process of updating job descriptions. They have discovered one for your department, HIM Administrative Assistant, that is in need of updating.

Review the examples of job descriptions from your reading for format and style ideas.

Review the job description for the HIM Administrative Assistant.

Rewrite the job description for the HIM Administrative Assistant, using the appropriate format, action verbs, headings, and style as discussed in this module’s readings.

List of Required Headings for Job Description

  • Facility name
  • Department
  • Position title
  • Supervisor or reports to
  • Job status and job grade/level
  • Hours/days of the week
  • Job summary
  • Job duties **begin each with an action verb
  • Job specifications/qualifications
  • Physical requirements
  • Working conditions
  • Date written/revised

How to solve
Job Description Revision Nursing Assignment Help

As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and assessments for medical college students, I understand the importance of updating job descriptions to accurately reflect the requirements and responsibilities of various positions. In this scenario, the Human Resource Department has identified the need to update the job description for the HIM Administrative Assistant position. To ensure clarity and effectiveness, I will utilize the appropriate format, action verbs, headings, and style as discussed in the module readings.


Job Description: HIM Administrative Assistant

Facility Name: [Insert Facility Name]

Department: Health Information Management (HIM)

Position Title: HIM Administrative Assistant

Reports To: [Insert Supervisor/Manager Name]

Job Status and Job Grade/Level: Full-time, Grade/Level [Insert Job Grade/Level]

Hours/Days of the Week: [Insert Work Hours (e.g., Mon-Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM)]

Job Summary:
The HIM Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Health Information Management department. This role is responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations within the department by performing various clerical and administrative tasks.

Job Duties:
1. Maintain accurate and organized filing systems for patient medical records.
2. Retrieve medical records as requested by healthcare professionals and other authorized individuals.
3. Ensure completeness and accuracy of patient records by verifying and updating information.
4. Assist in coding and indexing patient records according to established guidelines.
5. Schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments, and conferences for the department.
6. Prepare and distribute departmental correspondence, reports, and presentations.
7. Respond to inquiries and requests for information from internal and external stakeholders.
8. Collaborate with other administrative staff to facilitate departmental operations.
9. Maintain inventory of office supplies and initiate procurement requests as needed.
10. Provide general administrative support such as answering phone calls, taking messages, and managing mail.

Job Specifications/Qualifications:
1. High school diploma or equivalent. Associate’s degree in healthcare or related field preferred.
2. Proven experience in administrative roles, preferably in a healthcare setting.
3. Proficient in using office productivity software (e.g., Microsoft Office Suite).
4. Knowledge of medical terminology and familiarity with healthcare processes.
5. Excellent organizational and multitasking skills.
6. Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain confidentiality.
7. Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
8. Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
9. Adherence to ethical and professional standards.
10. Willingness to learn and adapt to changing technologies and procedures.

Physical Requirements:
1. Ability to sit for extended periods and perform tasks on a computer.
2. Manual dexterity for handling documents, files, and office equipment.
3. Visual acuity for reading and interpreting written information.
4. Ability to lift and move boxes or files weighing up to 25 pounds.

Working Conditions:
The HIM Administrative Assistant works in an office setting within the healthcare facility. The position involves regular interaction with healthcare professionals, administrators, and other staff members. The job may require occasional flexibility in work hours or overtime to meet departmental needs.

Date Written/Revised: [Insert Date]

(Note: The headings listed in the job description are followed, and the action verbs are used to clearly describe the job duties and responsibilities. The format is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the position while adhering to the requested guidelines.)

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