Instructions This assignment is about norm-breaking in society. For this


This assignment is about norm-breaking in society. For this assignment, you may select to complete option A or option B. You do not need to complete both.

Option A

You will participate in an activity in which you break a folkway, which is a norm governing everyday behavior, and you will answer a series of response questions on the provided worksheet about the activity. You can break the norm with family and friends only. Do not direct your activity toward strangers, and do not try this activity in a work setting. Begin by selecting one of the following social norms to break.

  • Proximity/interaction
    • Sit or stand too close or too far from someone (family member or friend only).
    • Remain silent or be extra talkative with a family member or friend.
    • Change a typical routine or activity.
  • Food norms
    • Eat non-finger foods with your fingers.
    • Eat food with the wrong type of utensil.
  • Clothing norms
    • Wear a piece of clothing backwards or inside out.
    • Wear socks with sandals.
    • Wear sunglasses indoors.
    • Wear a funny costume or hat.
    • Wear a piece of casual clothing to a formal event or a piece of formal wear to a casual event (with friends or family only).

Important: Do not do anything that is legally or morally questionable or that could bring negative sanctions against yourself or the university while breaking the norm. If you have a question about the appropriateness of your activity, please contact your instructor. Next, download and complete the Norm-Breaking Worksheet Option A . Submit your completed worksheet to complete this assignment.

Option B

Analyze a norm-breaking activity from a television show or movie clip. Find a clip from a movie or television show to use as your norm-breaking activity example. Some examples of movies or television series with norm-breaking activity may include Elf, Napoleon Dynamite, The Mandalorian, The Office, Friends, or Seinfeld. Next, download and complete the  Norm-Breaking Worksheet Option B . Submit your completed worksheet to complete this assignment. Use APA Style for references and citations where applicable. 

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