Heavy, An American Memoir

Each student will read their assigned book and write a review on it based on the guidelines in the rubric below. Your book review should be 3-5 pages long, double spaced and typed. How you will be graded: Book Information __/10 points Lists the book′s title, author, publisher, number of pages, and publisher′s price (usually listed on the back of the book).Organization__/13 points The review′s organization makes sense and aids the reader’s understanding of the content. The book review is divided into multiple paragraphs that summarize each main idea and give supporting evidence. Transitions between ideas are smooth so that each sentence flows into the next.Summary__/15 points Accurately summarizes the main ideas and topics discussed in the book, as well as its organization. Gives the reader a feel for what the book is about and whether it might interest them.Author′s Purpose __/14 points Gives the author′s background and viewpoint on the topic. Is the author qualified to write the book? Why did the author choose to write about this topic? What was the main point (or points) that the author was trying to get across? What audience is the author writing for? Critical Evaluation __/16 points Did you trust that the author was presenting accurate information? Was the information presented thoroughly, or were important details left out? Was it easy to understand? Did the author convince you of their views, or were there things you Book Review Rubric were skeptical or critical of? What was your overall opinion of the book, and would you recommend it to others? Formatting and Citations __/12 points Book report is 2-5 pages, and pages are numbered and double spaced. The book is correctly cited in Chicago Manual Style format at the end of the paper, along with any other sources that were used (you should have at least 2 other sources in addition to the book itself). For example, you may want to look up additional information about the author while writing your review, in which case you should cite that information. All sources should be cited at least once in the text as well as at the end of the paper.Your summary of the book should include page numbers cited at the ends of sentences or paragraphs. I recommendNoodle Tools(Linkstoanexternalsite.)Linkstoanexternalsite.to help you cite sources; it will give you options to fill in information about your source and then Noodle Tools will format the citation for you. The librarians can also help you with formatting citations.Spelling, Grammar, and Style __/20 points

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