HCS446 UOPX Software Program and Floorplan Design Tool Approval

In this course, you are required to design a floor plan for a health care facility. This will include designing the layout of rooms within the facility as well as adding environmental, regulatory, and IT elements within the rooms you design.

Research software programs you can use to create a floor plan, and choose one.

Write a brief explanation as to why you chose the program and why it is the best choice for this assignment. Include details on how the faculty member will be able to access your project.

Submit your assignment.

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As a medical professor, the assignment given to the students involves designing a floor plan for a healthcare facility. The task requires the students to choose appropriate software programs for designing the layout of the facility, in addition to considering environmental, regulatory, and IT elements required in the healthcare setting. In this answer, we will discuss the suitable software program choice for the assignment and why it is a perfect choice.


After researching several software programs, I have chosen Google SketchUp for this assignment. Google SketchUp is a 3D software program that allows the user to create, modify, and share 3D models. Its features are user-friendly, making it ideal for students who do not have prior experience with design software. Moreover, the program has a wide array of objects and assets that the students can use when creating the floor plan.

The faculty members can access the student’s project through Google Drive. The students can save their project on the Drive and share it with their professors, who will access and evaluate the floor plan. The program runs on various platforms, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, which makes it easy for students to access it across different devices.

In conclusion, Google SketchUp is an ideal software program for this assignment as it is user-friendly, has a wide range of assets, has a free version, and can be accessed across different devices. The students will not have challenges designing the healthcare facility layout while considering the environmental, regulatory, and IT elements, thus achieving the intended learning outcomes.

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