For this week’s discussion, I chose to cover the COUNTIF


For  this week’s discussion, I chose to cover the COUNTIF function in excel.  COUNTIF allows a user to automatically count particular criteria in the  desired range of cells (Microsoft, 2022). For example, I made a  worksheet with customer IDs and how much the customer has paid.  So, if I  wanted to see how many customers paid over $200 for instance, COUNTIF  would allow me to do so without having to go through and count each cell  myself.

the function for this example would  look like this =COUNTIF(B2:B200,”>199″). B1:B200 is the range of  cells I’d like to investigate, and “>199” is the “values 200 and  over” criteria I selected.


Additionally, If I wanted to make it a  bit easier to identify the customers that paid over $200, I could set a  New Rule under Conditional Formatting. For this new rule, I would  select the A column and it highlights any ID that has a paid value over  200 using the COUNTIF function (Spahic, 2021).



So, the COUNTIF function has helped me  identify how many customers paid over a certain value, as well as  helped me highlight the customer ID.


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