Five segments of population health

Select two of the five segments of population health that you find of interest and briefly explain why. For each selected segment, discuss why that segment is important when conducting research or for development efforts in population health.

Support your post with information and concepts from the class readings. Use APA-style references for the initial answer to the discussion question and wherever else is necessary to support your discussion.

Example: disease managment

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Two segments of population health that I find of interest are healthcare disparities and social determinants of health. These segments are important when conducting research or for development efforts in population health because they both highlight the inequities within healthcare systems and the impact of social factors on health outcomes.

Healthcare disparities refer to the differences in access to healthcare services, healthcare utilization rates, and health outcomes among different populations. These disparities are often influenced by factors such as race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, and geographic location. Research conducted in this area helps to identify the underlying causes of these disparities and develop interventions to address them. Understanding healthcare disparities is crucial for developing policies and programs that aim to improve equitable access to healthcare services and reduce health disparities among different population groups.

On the other hand, social determinants of health are the social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health outcomes. These determinants include factors such as education, income, employment, housing, and community resources. Research on social determinants of health helps in understanding the root causes of health disparities and guiding the development of interventions that target these underlying social factors. By addressing these determinants, we can promote health equity and improve population health outcomes.

Both healthcare disparities and social determinants of health are interconnected and play a significant role in shaping population health. Addressing healthcare disparities alone is not enough; it is essential to consider the social determinants of health to tackle the underlying causes of health inequities. By studying and understanding these segments, researchers and policymakers can develop comprehensive strategies to improve population health by addressing both the factors that dictate access to healthcare and those that influence health outcomes.

Overall, research and development efforts in population health need to focus on healthcare disparities and social determinants of health to ensure equitable healthcare access and promote positive health outcomes for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds. Understanding and addressing these segments will help in closing the health gap and improving population health on a broader scale.

1. Kiran, S., Wilton, D., & Moineddin, R. (2015). Addressing disparities in preventive vascular care with a cross-sectional program for the management of cardiovascular risk in primary care. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health, 6(3), 171-176. doi:10.1177/2150131915573633
2. Braveman, P.A., Egerter, S.A., & Woolf, S.H. (2011). The social determinants of health: Coming of age. Annual Review of Public Health, 32, 381-398. doi:10.1146/annurev-publhealth-031210-101218

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