EGSC Mindfulness Based Therapies & Fibromyalgia Patients Essay

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Watch the two videos about using PubMed. You must use PubMed for this literature search. Perform a literature search to find current information about your research question. You will need to use advanced search features and  filters to bring the number of journal articles to a reasonable amount. 

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Performing a literature search is an essential part of medical research, and PubMed is a popular database that is frequently used in the medical field. As a medical professor, I often assign literature searches as part of student assignments to help them gain experience using PubMed and finding current information on their research questions.


To perform a literature search using PubMed, it is important to use advanced search features and filters to narrow down the number of journal articles to a manageable amount. By using specific keywords, age ranges, and other criteria, students can quickly find the most relevant information on their research question.

For example, if a student’s research question is “What are the most effective treatments for depression in adolescents?” they could use PubMed’s advanced search to narrow down the number of articles. They could include keywords such as “depression,” “adolescents,” and “treatments,” and select filters such as “human studies,” “clinical trials,” and “last 5 years.” This would help them find recent, relevant studies focused on the treatments for depression in adolescents.

Overall, by utilizing PubMed’s advanced search features and filters, students can efficiently and effectively find current information to support their research questions.

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