D6008 Multimodal Learning in Early Childhood

Multimodal Learning in Early Childhood CW2

Students need to use one of the given scenarios as a starting point to design two child-led multi modal activities for the early years settings. For each activity there should be a provision for children with EAL and/or SEN. Students need to show a strong link among the activities they designed and the relevant theoretical framework. The activities should take into consideration the pedagogical literacy practices, the importance of storytelling and the appropriate technology use for early years education. References should be used properly throughout the critical analysis of the activities.

Scenario No 1:

The pirates For the last week, children are playing pirates every day during their free play. You observed that this is their main topic of discussion for most part of their day. They pretend to be feisty pirates who save innocent people from drowning or looking for a lost treasure of precious jewellery and crowns.

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