Columbia Southern Building and Leading Teams Healthcare Article Critique

Unit IV Article Critique

Locate and review the article “Building and Leading Teams” by using the Academic Search Complete database in the CSU

Online Library.

Kumar, S., Deshmukh, V., & Adhish, V. S. (2014). Building and leading teams. Indian Journal Of Community Medicine,

39(4), 208–213.

This article discusses ideas for leaders on effective management of their healthcare team. After reading the article, briefly

summarize the purpose for the article, and answer the questions below.

What is the authors’ main point?

Who is the authors’ intended audience?

Do the authors’ arguments support their main point?

What evidence supports the main point?

How does the author view the role that communication plays in teambuilding and productivity?

Your critique should then focus on the questions below.

What is your opinion of the article? Do you agree with the authors’ findings? Why, or why not?

What evidence, from the textbook or additional sources, supports your opinion?

Your critique should be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at

least three outside sources, one of which may be the textbook. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and

quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA style.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.C

Expert Solution Preview

Team building and leadership are crucial factors that determine the success of any healthcare organization. As a medical professor, it is imperative to keep abreast with the latest trends and research in this area. The purpose of this article critique is to evaluate the article “Building and Leading Teams” by Kumar, Deshmukh, and Adhish, published in the Indian Journal Of Community Medicine, and to analyze its relevance and effectiveness in providing guidance to healthcare leaders on effective team management.

The authors’ main point in the article is to highlight the importance of effective leadership and team building in healthcare organizations. They argue that a successful healthcare team should have a clear vision, shared goals, and effective communication channels. The authors conclude that a cohesive healthcare team can improve patient outcomes and satisfaction as well as staff retention rates and job satisfaction.

The intended audience for this article is healthcare leaders and managers who are responsible for leading and managing healthcare teams. The article provides practical advice and strategies on how to build and lead a highly effective healthcare team.

The authors’ arguments support their main point effectively. They provide evidence and examples of successful healthcare teams and highlight best practices in team building and leadership. The authors also discuss the challenges faced by healthcare leaders and provide solutions to overcome these challenges.

The evidence that supports the main point includes research studies, surveys, and case studies from various healthcare organizations. The authors also provide references to previous literature on team building and leadership, which gives credibility to their arguments.

The author views communication as a critical factor in team building and productivity. The authors highlight the importance of developing effective communication channels and strategies to ensure that all team members are working together towards shared goals. They also recommend regular team meetings, open communication channels, and feedback mechanisms to improve team communication.

In my opinion, the article provides valuable insights and practical advice for healthcare leaders on team building and leadership. I agree with the authors’ findings and recommend that healthcare leaders should implement these strategies to improve their team’s performance.

Additional sources that support my opinion include research studies and literature on team building and leadership. These sources highlight the importance of effective leadership, communication, and shared goals in building successful healthcare teams.

Overall, the article “Building and Leading Teams” provides valuable information and practical advice for healthcare leaders on team building and leadership. The authors’ arguments are well supported with evidence and examples, making the article an authoritative source on this topic.

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