Coaching – Human Resources Case Study


1. Please use the following attached file for case study format and structure

• Case_Study_format

• Instruction

2. The case study write of should be completely based off of the following two attached files: • Story • Case study Source 3. When writing the case study: • Read the attached file (story) to understand the case study • Then use the attached file (Case study source) as follows: o Slide # 2: (Things to cover in Executive Summary): To build the executive summary o Slide # 3 & 4: To build the case study body (Choose some points (3 or 4) from each slide, and make each point a paragraph) I.e. (Things to cover in Executive Summary ) is a paragraph, (Onboarding) is another paragraph) o Slide # 7( things to consider): To build the recommendation part if the case study (The recommendation should be the biggest and most important part of the case study, please write elaborately about each point on the slide 

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