Black Robe Movie Review

 Instructions Choose two questions from Group A and one question from Group B. Each question needs to be answered in a full-length paragraph. Questions from Group A need to have specific examples drawn from the film (you can incorporate plot points, dialogue, costuming, scenery, lighting, etc). Questions from Group B need to compare the film to evidence drawn from primary source “Furs, Rivers, and Black Robes.” Be sure to use at least one quote from the reading. DUE Friday, February 15. Content and Stylistic Reminders THIS IS NOT A PAPER. This means you do not need an introductory and a concluding paragraph. Rather, just write three separate paragraphs. Please label each paragraph with the corresponding letter and number (for example: A-1/B-2). Even though this is not a paper, you should write formally. Therefore, answers need to be typed and written in complete sentences with good spelling and grammar. Every paragraph needs to begin with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is your argument. It should contain the entire argument for the paragraph (the essay map). “The Jesuits faced difficulties for many reasons” IS an argument, however, it is not a particularly strong one. Here is an example of a stronger one, using an essay map, “In the film Black Robe, Jesuits faced many difficulties in the Great Lakes region, including disease, famine, and a lack of technology.” Note that your thesis/essay map also help to keep you organized. Your paragraph should cover disease, famine, and technology in that order. Furthermore, do not introduce other ideas not included in the thesis. Utilize the PIE method for each point you make in your paragraph (in this case you would do it three times, once for disease, once for famine, and once for technology). P: make an argumentative point. For instance, “The Jesuits constantly experienced and witnessed disease as they traveled.” I: illustrate your point with a detailed example from the film or text. For example, “When Father Laforgue finally arrived to the Huron mission, he found that the priests and the native peoples there both had been ravaged by illness, which challenged the project of Christianization.” You can also illustrate your point with a quote from the text. Thus, “Disease was also a major factor discussed in ‘Furs, Rivers, and Black Robes.’ As the Jesuit François de Crepieul claimed in 1697, life was difficult for men of his order because they were sometimes ‘made ill by the stench of those who have Scrofula, with whom he even Drinks out of the same kettle.’” Note that I did not need to quote a long passage, just the portion of it that was relevant to my argument. E: explain HOW your quote proves your point. My preceding sentences would be followed with, “In both the film and the primary source, one can see that disease made the priests’ work harder.” Submit one set of your answers to Dropbox before you come to class on the 15th. From D2L, go to Content then Dropbox. Click on Movie Review. Add your file by uploading it and click Submit. If this is new to you, you ought to do this early to make sure you can get help if you need it. Print a copy of the confirmation screen or the confirmation email and attach it to your paper. Group A: choose TWO of the following questions What difficulties did the Jesuits face in their work? Why weren’t the native peoples eager to help the Jesuits or to convert to Christianity? How did French and native customs and beliefs differ? Why did Father Laforgue and Daniel occasionally question the mission of Christianization? Group B: choose ONE of the following questions How were the film and the source “Furs, Rivers, and Black Robes” similar? How were the film and the source “Furs, Rivers, and Black Robes” different?

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