102 Critical analysis assignment

Write a critical analysis of EITHER “We Are the Mirror of Your Fears: Haitian Identity and Zombification” by DeGoul OR “World War Z and the End of Religion As We Know It” by Baldwin OR “Zombie” by Hurston in which you critique specific strengths and weaknesses of the essay. Ensure that your critique comments on the essay itself as a piece of writing and reasoning, its thesis, structure, organization, and the types of support it brings forward in support of the thesis.

You are not offering your own view on the topic; rather, you are commenting on the essay you have undertaken to analyze and critique. The summary must be formatted in MLA format, double-spaced, 12 pt-Times New Roman font. Please cite the essay you are summarizing on a separate Works Cited page (see Hacker “MLA” for more information). No extra space between paragraphs. Do no exceed the word count. Good writing is good, tight editing of needless words and repetition. Sticking to a word count makes us judicious editors of our own work and therefore better writers. Analyses exceeding the word count will receive a -10% grade reduction.

Your summary should be written clearly and be free of errors in syntax, spelling, and grammar, typos and proofreading errors. Failure to participate in the peer editing workshop with a full, proofread, typed and printed draft of your summary will result in a 10% deduction on your grade for this assignment

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